Having Dana Payne as our BFF is like being friends with the cool and hot, but super nice girl in our Biology class. We don’t know why she likes to pass us notes, but she does. Not that we’re complaining. That’s why she’s our first JACK FM #BFF of the Month. She makes us look cool.

Dana Payne’s Top 9.3 Reasons She Loves JACK FM

By Dana Payne

❤ Hello my BFF 4-ever 93.1 Jack FM ❤

The 9.3 reasons I LOVE Jack! There are so many reasons but here is a condensed list!

9.3: Jacktivities. The way you selflessly promote random things like car washes and fundraisers along side mainstream events is just so touching. I love the way Tammi Heidi delivers said Jacktivities… and the handsome chunk of manliness that writes them. SCHWING!

8: Your all 80’s weekends and those photos from the 80’s that come with it. Fantastic stuff! Totally bitchin! I love seeing the listeners old photos. You people are GORGEOUS!


7: Richard Blades Flashback Lunch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for getting Mr. Blade BACK ON THE FM DIAL. I love hearing him on Jack. Its just too sweet! Plus i’m a sucker for European accents… he’s hot. SO HOT! RED HOT!

6: Seeing your stickerpimps out and about. Every concert I go to I see your stickerpimps. Its a pleasure to meet them. Though I think I freak them out a little bit. Sorry Ella, Westin and Zach. My personality can be a bit overpowering but it was great to meet you at the Greek Theater! I ❤ you Bailey. Best luck to you in your new adventure! I know JB is up the hall at Kroq but she’ll always be a stickerpimp to me. #JACKFMFOREVER. Dave and Jasmine… you ROCK. I am terrible with names but if you are a Stickerpimp I LOVE YOU. Not in creepy ways either. Thank you for doing what you do.

5: Howard. What a voice, and the fact that you let your listeners voices be heard. I really love that. Even though I don’t care so much for hearing my own voice, you still make my heart flutter a bit when you play my messages. ❤ Robyn (or Robin) sorry for the mis-spelling sir… but what a pleasure it is to speak to him. Just as grand as the prize is the conversation with that dreamy accent. RAWR.

dana jacks show JACK FM’s #BFF Of The Month: Dana Payne’s Top 9.3 Reasons She Loves JACK FM

4: All those prizes you give away! AMAZING! Tickets to Disneyland, the Monster Truck Shows, the concert tickets, the bbq’s, the cars and trucks, the pilgramige to Vegas and YOUR PROMS! OMG your Proms are the best EVER!!!!!! Did you see my selfie with Stickerpimp Dave? Tee hee hee. He’s a Supermodel :p

3: Everything you do for TACA and autism awareness. I love your heart and soul. You are very good on the inside. A good egg. 🙂

2: Your annual show. You have brought me closer to the bands I love than I ever thought possible. Allowing me to introduce the Fixx and Toto and being compared to Molly Ringwald by Gin Blossoms. None of that could have happened for me if you didn’t have your annual show. Bringing all those artists together on one stage and just hanging out with all my fellow Jack lovers. Its like Woodstock for me. ❤ ❤ ❤ I’m excited for your 9th show! I can barely contain myself!

dana wedding JACK FM’s #BFF Of The Month: Dana Payne’s Top 9.3 Reasons She Loves JACK FM

1: You picked ME… little me to be your first ever BFF!!!!!!!!!!! I loved you before and am not ashamed to let everyone know it. I have always flown my Freaky Jack Loving Flag high and proud and this is how you reciprocate, by granting me the most honorable title a listener can have. I am beside myself. I dont know what I did or how I earned it… I just can’t thank you enough. I think I will have a t-shirt printed!! ❤

Thank you Jack, thank you for everything you do for us! For all of us! Love- Your BFF-4ever!


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