By Nadia Noir

Tequila. Made from the sweet nectar of a plant, the aguamiel (or honey water) of the agave plant is like liquid gold from the gods.

This booze can great momentary bravery or debauched stupidity in a matter of seconds.

It pairs well with Los Angeles’ favorite street snack (tacos) and Los Angeles’ favorite version of water (Mexican beer).

There’s nothing more Los Angeles than ‘cuing up some meat on a hot summer day and sipping on ice cold tequila while listening to your favorite rock tunes.

If you’d rather go out, we’ve got five awesome tequila bar recommendations–and the songs that should go along with your drinking experience.

Happy National Tequila Day!

“Tequila”-The Pretenders

Almost all of us have suffered from the hands of love, but most of us have suffered more from the hands of tequila. Chrissie Hynde feels us when she sings she’s “muy boracho” in Mexico. Eventually, real life settles in and we have to break up with the inebriating force that is our love for tequila. That doesn’t mean we can’t have a one-night stand from time to time.

Local Los Angeles Tequila Paradise: Te’Kila 

“Mas Tequila”-Sammy Hagar

Once you get that tequila in your system, all morals (and clothing) go out the window. Sammy Hagar’s anthem, “Mas Tequila,” is the perfect anthem for getting wasted and wild.

Local Los Angeles Tequila Paradise: L’Scorpion 

“Trashed”-Black Sabbath 

One drink, two drink, three drink, floor. Tequila is one of those sneaky drinks that can make you feel simultaneously glorious and sick. Black Sabbath sums that up awesomely in their perfectly-titled song, “Trashed.”

Local Los Angeles Tequila Paradise: El Carmen 

“Margaritaville”-Jimmy Buffett

It’s nobody’s fault that Jimmy Buffett wants to stay in Margaritaville searching for his salt shaker and getting bad tattoos. But, “wasting away” in Margaritaville sounds like the ideal life right about now when the temperatures are pushing the hundreds. We’ve got a tank of gas and a chest of ice cold shot glasses. Who’s driving to Mexico?

Local Los Angeles Tequila Paradise: Las Perlas 

“Tequila Sunrise”-The Eagles

You’ve had “Mas Tequila” and now you’re “Trashed,” but tequila is one of those drinks that will take you way past closing time and into the early hours of the morning. You’ll be sitting wasted in the sand somewhere wondering where your shoes are, but when you drift to sleep during an orange sherbet smeared Mexican sunrise, you’ll have another sexy Tequila-fueled story to tell your grandkids or the nerds on Redditt.

Local Los Angeles Tequila Paradise: Velvet Margarita


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