By Adam Bookbinder

You would think by the time someone reached a position at a major market news station, they would know how to check their sources before placing an “official source” on the air.

But at ABC7 this is not the case.

During yesterday’s breaking news about the huge water main break at UCLA, our local ABC7 aired a call from a gentleman with the name of Louis Slungpue (pronounced Slung-Poo) who supposedly was the official DWP Spokesman.

The anchors went on for at least a minute with Mr. Slungpue about what the cause could of the break could have been.  First saying it was a cherry bomb someone placed in a toilet and then BAM, the “official” DWP Spokesman gives reason number 2 as to what could have happened, “or someone took a really large dump, you know?”

To which one of the anchors responded with, “Are you 100% sure about that?”

You then hear a male voice say, “It’s a fake call.” But the female anchor still is not convinced since she seems disappointed they lost the call saying, “Oh we lost him.  We’re sorry about that.  We hopefully can get him back and find out how they’re going to close down that main…”

That’s what happens when you try to be the first go get the information out before other news stations!  You can read more about the cleanup of the mess from a reliable news source, CBSLA here.

Check out the entire video below:


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