By Nadia Noir

The Japanese created emojis to express emotions that couldn’t be accurately described via text. Like “pizza.” Everyone knows that the pizza emoji isn’t just hunger, but signifies a way of life filled with kicking back, playing video games, and living life to the fullest.

The two dancing girls? Ready for Jack’s 9th Show concert! Dancing lady in the sexy red dress? Well, she’s getting down later to some Robin Thicke. Hatching baby chicken emoji? Well, aren’t you cute.  Starting to wonder about what your emoji usage says about you? You can get an emojianalysis from this guy–or you can just make your face into emojis with Imoji. 

What you do is you cut your face using the power of an app, resize it, and make it into a very expressive “sticker.” You don’t have to use just your face. You can make a whole emoji package with your cats varied expressions (all three of them) or that of your favorite fake boyfriend, Ryan Gosling.

Unless you are some artsy wizard with your finger, your first try at imoji-fying yourself will kind of suck. Here’s the author of this piece as a cranky 3-year-old sticker. I call this “Pout it Out.”

imoji Make An Emoji Of Your Face

Try making your own Imoji. Download the free app & check out the details here. 



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