When a stadium has been around as long as Angel Stadium, it can be difficult to make the necessary adjustments to keep up with the modern amenities that today’s ballparks offer. Yet, this year, with Legends, which also does the catering for Yankee Stadium and AT&T Stadium in Arlington, they have overhauled the menu and decor of the particular stands and restaurants at Angel Stadium. The food choices in Anaheim are just as ambitious as its team of All Stars. We went down to Anaheim to check the best food that the stadium has to offer.

Angel Stadium
2000 E Gene Autry Way
Anaheim, CA 92806
(714) 940-2000

The Smoke Ring Brisket Sandwich
Upon entering one of the main gates of Angel Stadium, you’re treated to sweet, sultry smell of barbecue. The cuisine is growing more popular in ballparks across the nation, so it’s no surprise that the Angels are capitalizing on that as well. Smoked for 14 hours, the brisket is tender, yet has enough flavor provided by the sauce that you have a warm taste, yet aren’t overwhelmed and full, which leaves enough room for the tasty snacks inside. Wash it down with a cold, craft beer from a nearby stand, making for the perfect combination.

Short Rib Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Reconceptualized upon taking over from an underperforming stand, this grilled cheese station is one of the most popular in the entire stadium. Featuring an array of differing takes on this childhood delight, this is one of the more ambitious items available at the stadium, but at the same time, is one of the most rewarding. Savory and fulfilling, there fewer things better than the short rib sandwich. It’s delicate blend of grilled short rib meat embedded on a traditional grilled cheese sandwich.

Thick Cut Bacon Grilled Cheese Sandwich
If short rib isn’t your thing, then the next thing at the Big Cheese that should fill your palate is the bacon grilled cheese sandwich. Also served on a toasted bun, the bacon grilled is just as tasty and scrumptious as the short rib sandwich but it has bacon, which is always a bonus. It makes for the perfect and tasty meal while rooting for your favorite team.

Fans love going home with a batting helmet and visiting Angel Stadium is no exception. The nachos, which come in a batting helmet come in three different sizes that allow you to stuff your face full of Tostitos along with delicious cheese and toppings. Of course, there’s the biggest size, which will cost you $14, but you’ll be stuffed to brim with it’s blend of guacamole, red peppers, sour cream and beef. And yes, you get to keep the helmet it comes in, which many fans wash off in the bathroom and plop on their heads upon finishing their snack.

Carne Asada Fries
Located on the field level, fry stand Spuds is focused on taking the traditional ballpark French Fries and adding a different element that attracts more refined fans who want more than the traditional fries with ketchup. Here, you could order the delicious, filling carne asada waffle fries. The portion is easily good enough to feed two, and with guacamole, sour cream, peppers and cheese to go along with the beef, this side is more than enough to fill you up so you won’t need any more food until the later innings.

Cinnamon & Sugar Sweet Fries
If you want a lighter type of french fries then this is for you. The fries are smooth and tasty and there’s a certain delightful feeling that comes with eating cinnamon. When mimed with sugar to top these sweet fries, you’ll be happy to relive that moment time and time again.

The Knothole Club Cheeseburger
If fans are on a date, or prefer fine dining, then the Knothole Club along the right field foul line is the place to be. The area, which is located in the club section, is available to the public after the first pitch. To make things easy, the restaurant takes reservations on OpenTable, which could score you one of the few coveted slots outdoors. The cheeseburger is an absolute gem, with a soft brioche bun and just enough cheese and the traditional veggies to keep things interesting. But, it’s the perfectly cooked patty that will tickle your senses.

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