Jack FM’s #BFF Of The Month: Evie The Muse’s Top 10 JACK FM Songs

Our August #BFF of the month, Evie, is a sassy creature. (Read all the way to the bottom of this post). We’re not sure why she likes us so much, we’re so dorky, but she loves to write us long letters that make us feel special.

By Evie The Muse

Hi Jack,
How was Driver’s Training? Me? I crashed the car as expected. You know Jack; there was a period in my life when all I had was my radio. You got me through the days. And when Richard Blade came aboard to play flashbacks on weekends and lunch hours, my inner child who I am constantly telling to be quiet, took over, and that lil girl has not looked back since. In short (too late) it is hard to come up with just 10 songs that I hear right now.

I would say “Man Eater” because it always reminded me of Aura from Flash Gordon. But Dana got to that one first. Yes I saw her letter. It was written on the back of a bathroom stall in black permanent marker; therefore, I choose the following songs:

10) I’ll be watching you – Sting 

SERIOUSLY, Since day one, it has been no secret I have been stalking Jack. How lucky am I to have no restraining order for hearing disassembled voice playing what they want? The answer is VERY.

9)   Boston – More than a Feeling

All I scream is “RUN DANA RUN!” like a horror movie.

8)    Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers – American Girl

I love this song because that is all Buffalo Bill wanted to be Jack, An American Girl; NOW put the lotion back in the basket!

7)   Garbage – I Would Die for You

I would Die for you Jack, bleed for you, kill for you Jack. Please let me kill for you 😉
What can I say, I am a helpless romantic.

6)   Cindy Lauper – Time After Time

I love love this song, and it is in Romy and Michelle’s HS Reunion!!!! TWICE! What can I say?  I am a helpless romantic.

5)    Pearl Jam – Black

An underappreciated song that reaches into my soul, grabs my heart, and reminds me of a love that will never die. But why couldn’t it my mine?

4)    Cowboy Junkies – Sweet Jane

Many argue that the 80’s is our romantic era. Much like Mozart. History will decide. And Richard Blade back on the air. Remind me to tell you about the time my friend had a flat tire, and he waited with her until the truck came. He is a great guy, a wonderful family man, and an AWESOME DJ.

3)    Peter Murphy – Cuts You Up 


OMGz the rare occasion I hear this song on Jack’s Flashback lunch, I feel very lucky. You know the way I twist and turn Jack.

2)    Evanescence – Bring Me to Life


Playing this on Jack and having someone resemble the love between two lost souls, there is little that comes close.

1)   The Cult – EDIE

Since this song aired, it has had a special place in my heart. My friends would even sing, “The dogs lay at my feet EVIE!” This song got me through a lot of hard times. Playing this on the radio and having the CULT at Jack’s show was one of the best experiences of my life.

I am a helpless romantic. You stay Classy Jack.
Everlast’n Evelyn (DJ on my Star Studio)
AKA Evie the Muse
AKA Evie Big Toe

PS remember that time I placed my leg over my head just like that AC/DC video You shook me all night long? Yeah.. I can still do it!


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