By Adam Bookbinder

Take away someone’s smartphone these days is like giving someone a lobotomy.  Who would have thought as recent as 10 years ago we wouldn’t be able to live without our smartphones, which can do pretty much anything for us, from keeping our social life in check to being the most used device for photos in the world.

On a recent study conducted by Bank Of America on Trends in Consumer Mobility, they found 85% of people surveyed check their phones a few times a day, and nearly half would not be able to go more than one day without their phone.

When it came to someone taking their phone away, 45% would give up alcohol, 34% chocolate (more men than women on this one),  22% shopping, 16% tv/movies, 13% sex and 8% their car, to get their phone back.

When it came to ask how important their phone is to their daily life, it came in at 91%, tying their car and deodorant.  A toothbrush came in first at 95% followed by the internet at 93%.

But for those aged 18-24, it’s a different story.

Their smartphone came in as the most important thing in their life at 96%, following by a toothbrush at 93% and deodorant coming in at third at 90%.

So when do those in the survey check their phones?

Well coming in first at 38% is in their car, and interestingly enough, only 7% check their phones during meals.



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