4 Best Bet JACK-tivities for this Weekend

Author: Dr. Cranfill


And if you too like to do things, then maybe you should check out one of the following, 4 Best Bet JACK-Tivities of this weekend (October 17th-19th 2014)

Sriracha Festival

(Photo Illustration by Scott Olson/Getty Images)
Sunday, Oct.19th @ Chinatown Central Plaza– 3p

If you’re like me and your taste buds barely work anymore due to single malt abuse over the years you probably throw hot sauce on everything. Me? I’m more of a Tapatio guy but I know a lot of you worship at the feet of the false idol that is Sriracha so…here you go. And if you are struggling with proper hot sauce distribution on whatever it is you are eating, TRY THIS.

For more info on the Sriracha Festival, CLICK THIS

LA Haunted Hayride

(Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images)
Thursdays thru Sundays, now thru Nov. 2nd @ Griffith Park in LA

Allergies, smallergies…..snort a giant line of Zyrtec and get your ass out to the Old LA Zoo at Griffith Park sometime between now and Nov.2nd for the 2014 LA Haunted Hayride. I should point that that the link below to the LA Haunted Hayride website comes with a MAJOR EPILEPSY WARNING. If you have epilepsy I can’t make this any clearer, GET SOMEBODY ELSE TO LOOK UP THEIR WEBSITE FOR YOU.

For more info on the LA Haunted Hayride, CLICK THIS IF YOU LIKE TO LIVE DANGEROUSLY


Gene Simmons Book Signing

(Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc)
Sunday, Oct.19th @ Barnes Y Noble at the Grove in LA- 2p

Gene Simmons, one of the last true rock-stars left has a new book out explaining his awesomeness in full detail. He’ll sign that book for you in person should you show up to the Barnes Y Noble at the Grove on Sunday at 2pm. And sadly, somewhere, Peter Criss cries himself to sleep.

For more info on this Gene Simmons book signing, CLICK THIS

2014 Los Angeles Walk to Defeat ALS

(Photo by Joel Page/Portland Press Herald via Getty Images
Sunday Oct.19th- @ Exposition Park in LA- 11am

Not that your little ice bucket challenge didn’t help in some small way but remember, ALS is still out there with no cure in sight. You could do worse with your time than a walk around Exposition Park for a good cause. Besides, do you REALLY wanna waste another Sunday sitting on your couch watching the Raiders lose by two touchdowns?

For more info on the LA Walk to Defeat ALS, CLICK THIS

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