By Jordy Altman

Make way! Hot stuff coming through!

Do you enjoy tossing some extra chili flakes on your pizza? Maybe a few extra dashes of Tabasco over your chicken? What about cayenne in your tea? If so – congratulations. You’re more of a man than ever before.

According to a recent study by the scientists at the University of Grenoble, if you prefer to add a little bit of heat to your meals, you may have a higher level of testosterone than men who prefer bland, mild foods. It all comes down to the fact that you are adventurous with your food, pumping extra manliness through your rough, stoic veins.

Did you hear that? If you want to be more attractive, more sexually active, and manlier, you need to regularly consume chili peppers. Grind them up and toss them in your favorite pasta, or grab a handful and eat them like popcorn. Caution: hot snakes will follow.

One of the lead authors of the study, Professor Laurent Begue (what a cool name) told the Telegraph:

“The hormone drives men to seek thrills and new sensations, leading them to frequent more stimulating social groups and take more risks. In this case, it applies to risk-taking in taste … It is also possible that the regular consumption of spicy food contributes to increasing testosterone levels, although so far this has only been demonstrated on rodents.”

Makes sense. Turns out all of those times we ordered jalapeño chips with our Italian Spicy BMT have finally paid off. Hello ladies! Wanna touch our testosterone?


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