#FurryFriday: Creepy But Cute Human-Bodied Animals Eat Holiday Dinner [Video]

By Nadia Noir

For all the Christmas charm, holidays can be beastly. There’s the credit card debt, the stress of getting presents, the traffic, the crazy family dramas, and the inevitable twenty pounds you end up gaining from holiday-flavored carbs.

And while looking back on it, four months later, it all seems like some pretty, halcyon dream, that’s just tax season talking, which is way worse than the holidays.

So, Fresh Pet found a way to make us laugh this Friday and maybe make us forget that there are still 27 people on our Christmas list that haven’t received gifts. Fresh Pet’s gift to us is this amazing creepy, but cute video for animals with human bodies eating holiday dinner.

For a few minutes, marvel in the healing power of puppies (and one kitty). Watch above.

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