Interactive Map Of Los Angeles Favorite Dogs & Dog Names By Area

By Nadia Noir

Everywhere we look, Los Angeles has gone to the dogs. It’s now legal to brunch out with your pooch in an open-air dining situation and, just a few weeks ago, the internet was reveling in National Dog Day, even though it was also National Women’s Equality Day. Angelenos log stressful hours at work, in traffic, and at play so many of us have replaced real children with fur children. Hey, we allneed something to love on, right?

KCRW recently created an interactive map (seen below) that profiles Los Angeles’ preferences in dog breeds and names. Many dogs aren’t even licensed or registered, but out of the 416, 338 they managed to get information on, the map highlights some overwhelming statistics about Los Angeles canine craze.

First of all, the number one dog name is Max. There’s Charlie’s, Jack’s, and Oso’s out there, but outlier regions of Los Angeles county love the name max. Smaller more interior pockets love the name Princess. We’re going to guess that name gets applied to all the feisty little chihuahuas we see girls toting around.  Either way, we know lots of chihuahuas named Princess and Bella and lots of big dogs named Max and Buddy.

What about your pup? Did they make the list? Are they common or a totally unique, special, and irreplaceable snowflake?


Top 10 Dog Names: 

1) Max

2) Bella

3) Lucky

4) Princess

5) Buddy

6) Rocky

7) Daisy

8) Coco

9) Roxy

10) Lucy

Top 10 Dog Breeds: 

1) Chihuahua

2) Lab/Lab mix

3) German Shepard

4) Terrier

5) Pitbull

6) Maltese

7) Shih Tzu

8) Miniature Poodle

9) Dachshund

10) Golden Retriever


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