By Jordy Altman

Hopefully it’s nothing like the one from “Silicon Valley.”

Looks like California is getting some new high-tech equipment on the road. Google’s self-driving car – a whimsical hybrid that’s half VW bus, half smart car – will be hitting the California roads in 2015.

If you’re not excited about self driving cars, let us give you a few reasons why taking your hands off the wheel will change your life for the better:

  1. Practice your bartending skills on the way to your Saddle Ranch shift.
  2. Play patty cake with yourself (my god you’re lonely)
  3. Apply your makeup on the way to Tinder hookup.
  4. Double fist a double-double and a chocolate shake while merging.
  5. Turn up the volume when Jack FM plays “Living on a Prayer” – WITH TWO HANDS.
  6. Play (and cheat) on Words With Friends down the PCH.
  7. Throw trash at the tourists jaywalking down Hollywood Boulevard – WITH TWO HANDS.
  8. Self-submit to Actors Access on the way to an audition.
  9. Play air guitar while cruising down the Sunset Strip.
  10. Assemble that easy-bake oven you got at the Work Gift Exchange, place it in the passenger seat, and make some brownies.
  11. Finish your new “Real Housewives” pitch on the way to Beverly Hills.
  12. Finally untie that knotted yo-yo you’ve been keeping in your glove compartment.
  13. Give your new puppy a two-hand belly rub after you take her home from the Pasadena Humane Society.
  14. Shave in the car while doing 50 on the 405.
  15. Tie-dye and hand distress a shirt on the way to Coachella.

It looks as though the DMV is preparing for the upcoming fleet, as CBS 5 has reported that they are scrambling to meet a December 31 deadline to figure out just how they can govern driverless cars.



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