#WTF: You Can Get A Singing Card From Your Deceased Pet [Video]

By Nadia Noir

Some people stuff their pets; some people call pet psychics. Others just commemorate their furry bestie by putting up a memorial Facebook for their precious beastie. And, some, enlist petphotofun.com to make a singing card video from their deceased pet. You know, because in life your pet would sing for you.

The company animates the video so the face, eyes, and mouth move in a humanistic and adorably creepy way. Part of your viewing experience will be sheer #WTF-ness while the other part of your viewing experience will remember your dearly departed chihuahua Princess and all the cute little things she used to do when she was jealous of your sex life.

In case you are looking for a super belated Christmas presents, it’s only $30 for the pet to sing the song above, and for another $30 you can get a personalized message. That’s cheaper than a tank of gas in the Bustache and probably a lot more…lively. 🙂


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