Secret Menu Items At In-N-Out, Starbucks and More….For Your Dogs!

While browsing FoodBeast this morning, we came across an article that was just too cute not to share.

You know we love telling you guys about deals and fun foodie stories around LA, but this one may take the cake.

Did you know that there are major restaurants that actually have secret menu items for your furry friends? It’s true!

Here are some from the list:

Puppucino from Starbucks – While this is just a small cup filled with whipped cream, it’s is a nice ‘sometimes treat’ for your puppy.

Pup Cup from Dairy Queen – Another sweet treat, this is a small serving of vanilla soft serve topped with a doggie treat.

In – N – Out Pup Patty – This is a plain unseasoned burger patty sans the salt.

Doggie Cupcake from Sprinkles – This is sugar free and made with a yogurt frosting.

To see more of the secret menu items, head over to FoodBeast!

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