Average Woman Spends Five Hours A Week Taking Selfies

By Sarah Carroll

It sounds like a headline from The Onion, but we’ll admit it. We’re absolutely guilty of taking a selfie or two…or five, but according to a new study, this 21st century epidemic is getting out of hand.

Beauty website Feeling Unique surveyed 2,000 women and found that those aged 16-25 spend five hours A WEEK taking snapshots of themselves!

That averages out to 3 selfies per day, 16 minutes spent on each selfie “session,” and a grand total of 48 minutes per day.

Women will take an average of 7 selfies before settling on the perfect one. And get this: 5% have taken a selfie while sitting on the toilet. Ew!

Why are we all so obsessed with taking photos of ourselves? 27% of those surveyed said well, they looked good at that moment and wanted to share it with the world. 22% admitted they were trying to get the attention of a potential love interest and 18% said posting selfies is a confidence booster.

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