Kidnapped Woman Saves Herself & Children By Using Pizza Hut App

By Nadia Noir 

Now this is a story that will steal a pizza your heart. Next time you lambaste modern technology, slide your thumb over your trusty Pizza Hut app and remember that pizza can save lives.

Florida woman, Cheryl Treadway, held hostage by her knife-wielding boyfriend managed to convince her kidnapper to give her phone back momentarily and let her order pizza from her Pizza Hut app for her and her hungry children.

Treadway apparently had a usual order of a “hand-tossed classic pizza with pepperoni,” but the unusual part of her order stuck out to Pizza Hut employees. In the comments section of the app, Treadway wrote: “Please help. Get 911 to me.” 

Pizza Hut called the police over to her and her and her children were safely released. We guess another kidnapper bites the crust!



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