By Nadia Noir 

We have no words, but we’re also (sadly) not too shocked because, well, yelling at people who are illegally using their phones while driving is always trouble. Not that it’s excusable, but people get downright mean if you target them about playing with their toy.

Motorcyclist, Samuel Ayres, was wearing a helmet cam when he pulled up to a driver in a black BMV at the intersection of La Cienega and Santa Monica. While stopped at the intersection, he told the guy: “Put down your f**king phone when you’re in your car.”

Instead of being embarrassed, yelling an expletive back, or, driving gods forbid, putting his phone down, Black BMW dude just hit Ayres and…drives away.



In an interview with, Ayres said he was in the “left lane the entire time.”

“When the driver started getting really aggressive with me, I definitely slowed down to give myself extra reaction time (there wasn’t enough traffic to really get away from him right there),” described Ayres. “I was going probably about 30mph or so… slowed down from maybe 40-ish?”

Ayres started a donation site for his medical bills which according to LAist include a “severe concussion that has affected his memory, two hairline fractures in his left shoulder, and a broken foot.”

They already found the owner of the car–who wasn’t the driver, but the driver is under investigation and, guess what, already has a lawyer.

Here’s what Ayres wrote on his Donation.To page:

“Because the driver is currently under criminal investigation, I will be unable to go after him or his insurance. for any sort of compensation for quite a while. Additionally, the insurance on the car (which was not owned by the driver) only has a very small amount of coverage for medical and property damage. All of this money has been swallowed up in one quick swoop by my significant amount of bills. I’m left still having to pay several thousand dollars for my health insurance’s out of pocket maximum. Additionally, I’m left with several bills associated with purchasing medical equipment (crutches, shower seat, etc.) and transportation (car rental, Lyft rides). My credit cards are close to full-up and these bills will be coming due very soon.”

We wish you a speedy recovery, Mr. Ayres.




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