Rock God Crowd Surfs, Catches Flying Beer, Slams It, Lives Forever

Entrance into the eternal kingdom of life just got a little more difficult thanks to David Achter de Molen of the Dutch punk band John Coffey.

At the music festival Pinkpop in Holland, the hitherto mortal David was held aloft by the crowd when a pint of beer—an open plastic cup of beer that by some mystery of heaven and hell didn’t spill or turn upside down—arced from some plebe’s hand into the fist of David. Without missing a beat, David drank the grog as if it were the blood of a thousand kings and hurled the thin flagon back to the mortals. The crowd screamed and dared, for a second, to look upon their new god. All hail David Achter de Molen.

Newly anointed as a celestial being, David Achter de Molen went out to play the rest of the set, and live forever. Congrats to you David. 

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