One Direction’s Harry Styles Calls Out Dude for Stealing His Girl Back in School

By Philip Cosores

At this point in the career of One Direction, it is hard to imagine Harry Styles losing a girlfriend to anyone. But Styles wasn’t always the rick, famous, talented heartthrob he is now, and he reminded the audience at a stadium gig in Oslo, Norway, last weekend of that fact—and also proved revenge to be sweet.

During a break in the music, Styles called attention to a friend in the audience named Jack Robinson. And while Robinson seemed enthusiastic that Styles caused the entire stadium to look his way, things quickly turned when Styles confessed that Robinson stole the 1Der’s high school girlfriend back when they were 14.

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Styles put Robinson even more on the spot, saying, “So if he is still there at the end of the show, feel free, little kicks, little digs on the way out.”

The whole thing was in good fun, with the other members of the band egging on Styles.

Let’s just hope the One Direction fans took it for the joke it was and let Robinson leave the stadium alive. Anyone seen him lately?

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