Taylor Swift, Chris Pratt Photoshopped Into Hybrid Celebs

by Philip Cosores 

In the latest Jurassic Park film, Jurassic World, one of the big plot points involves the genetic splicing of dino DNA with other animals (and other dinosaurs) to create a powerful hybrid. And while this real world technology is not in practice (yet), one Photoshop artist is doing the next best thing, but with celebrity faces.

Yes, thanks to Nordic artist Pedro Berg Johnsen, we now know what a Brad Pitt/Ethan Hawke combo will look like. We now know that mixing a bit of Tom Hardy and Heath Ledger results in a still ruggedly handsome individual. And if you think Scarlett Johansson and Elizabeth Olsen are beautiful on their own, the combination of the two proves to be also a stunner.

Interestingly, Emma Watson works well when spliced with a number of different celebs, including Taylor Swift and Kristen Stewart, proving to be a bit like the velociraptor DNA from the Jurassic World film, essentially the missing ingredient that can make anything better.

megan fox   angelina jolie by thatnordicguy d8wj075 Taylor Swift, Chris Pratt Photoshopped Into Hybrid Celebs

Megan Fox / Angelina Jolie

arnold schwarzenegger   colin farrell by thatnordicguy d87qv1h Taylor Swift, Chris Pratt Photoshopped Into Hybrid Celebs

“Just rewatched the 2012 Total Recall, and while the movie itself was pretty meh, says Johnsen. “I decided to morph 1990 Douglas Quaid with 2012 Douglas Quaid. Enjoy.

See more photos from Johnsen’s gallery on Radio.com


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