The Rams Return To Los Angeles

UPDATE: NFL commissioner Roger Goodell held a press conference confirming that the Rams are indeed relocating to LA with the San Diego Chargers having the first option to join the Rams in Inglewood. Should the Chargers not exercise their option after one year, the Raiders will be given the opportunity to leave Oakland for LA. As of right now, the Raiders have withdrawn their application to relocate.

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By Carlos Delgado

Sorry Raiders fans, but it looks like they will be staying in Oakland for the foreseeable future. NFL Network has reported via twitter that the “Raiders have bowed out. It’s going to be Rams to Inglewood & Chargers (with) and option to go there with them”

League owners have been in meetings to decide whether LA will get a team, and even went so far as to recommend a Chargers/Raiders package. Looks like that option is now off the table.

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