Watch Breathtaking Footage Of Space X Rocket Launch And Landing Set To Incubus Staff

The Falcon has landed.

A new Space-X Falcon 9 rocket launch and landing recap released today captures the excitement felt when a team of hundreds accomplished what few believed was possible. And, the emotion is contagious.

Countless rockets have launched payloads into near-Earth orbit. But, most have tumbled back to the surface in pieces or simply remained in orbit as space junk. But the Falcon 9 was different. It placed 11 satellites into orbit. Then, with legs extending at the last second, it returned to Earth to land vertically on a launch pad. If you didn’t know the footage was real, it could be mistaken for a scene from a science fiction film.

Set to Incubus‘ “Absolution Calling,” cameras capture footage from on board the craft as well a the launch command center in Cape Canaveral, Florida. But the real action is found more than 3,000 miles away at the Space-X Mission Command Center in Hawthorne, California where the massive team that built the rocket is packed into room eager to see the fruits of their labor. Upon witnessing the remarkable landing, the team explodes into cheer and celebration so uproarious you’d think their team had won the Superbowl. It’s hard to imagine a rocket launch video can make you feel emotional but this one does.

As YouTube viewer John Smith puts it, “It’s brilliant to see people cheering science and the achievement of pushing the human race that one step further.”

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