Jimmy Kimmel’s Guillermo Tries Downtown LA Skyslide

By Sarah Carroll for AMPRadio.com

This Saturday, a thrill-seeking new attraction opens up in downtown — Skyspace LA, and Jimmy Kimmel’s security guard Guillermo got a sneak peek before it opens to the public!

It’s a series of observation decks at the U.S. Bank Tower, which is the country’s tallest building west of the Mississippi River.

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One of the exciting features included in the experience is the Skyslide. It’s a clear, glass-enclosed slide installed on the outside of the 70th floor. Daredevils can slide down the slide, which hovers 1,000 feet above the ground.

Tickets for the observation decks cost $25 for adults. It’s an additional $8 to ride the Skyslide.

Skyspace LA officially opens this Saturday. Click here to get more information!

Watch Guillermo face his fears above!

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