LA’s Craft Beer Scene Comes Of Age As Dozens Of Breweries Open Their Doors

LOS ANGELES ( — Whatever you flavor, the craft beers are here and the brewing in Los Angeles has never been better.

Joe Verive is a certified Cicerone – essentially a sommelier for beer – and he says while L.A. may have been a little bit late getting to the beer game, we’re catching up in a hurry.

“Now there’s almost 50 breweries in the County of L.A., a dozen opened in the past year, there’s probably a dozen more that are going to open in the next year,” says Verive. “It’s exciting, it’s a great time to love beer and live in L.A.”

While L.A. doesn’t really have a signature style beer yet, Verive says the brews are on par with the best in the country.

The Arts District Brewing Company is one of Verive’s must-stop “hop spots” in the Southland.

“It’s kinda like the keystone of the downtown scene,” he says.


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