Uber Driver With Zero Chill Caught On Tape: ‘Get Out Of My Car NOW!’

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — A confrontation between an Uber driver and rider at what appears to be a Long Beach hospital was caught on video.

The unidentified driver was seen in the clip yelling “Get out of my car … get out … now!”

Despite the driver’s repeated demands to have his passenger leave his vehicle, the woman in the car doesn’t budge.

“You have no right to scream at me,” she says, to which he replied, “I will f–––––g talk to you any G–d––n way I want!”

The tense blowout unfolded at what appears to be a hospital. The passenger started recording as the driver tried to drop her off.

“You are at the hospital! Administration is right here,” he said, while she replies, “I’m going to the emergency room, sir.”

“Get in there. Get out of my car, now!” he yells, while she asks, “Where is my destination? Sir, I’m asking you … ”

The mind-numbing back-and-forth continued for several minutes.

Read more at CBSLA.com. You can also watch the complete, and due to language, NSFW video HERE.

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