Stunt Pilot Is Almost Decapitated In Accident, Instead Walks Away Nearly Unscathed

By Carlos Delgado

WOW. This is one lucky guy. Pilot Thom Richard posted a harrowing video on his YouTube page of a runway accident with another plane that nearly took his head and, needless to say, his life.

As he describes it, as the race was about to begin when Richard started experiencing engine problems forcing him to abort his takeoff. He signaled to be taken out of the race and popped his canopy open, the airplane equivalent of opening the hood on your car to show your vehicle is disabled.

But something went wrong, and the other planes continued to approach from behind. A few seconds later, the wing from the plane just to the right of Richard smashes into his plane, missing his head by literally inches.

Richard hurt his hand but was otherwise okay. Both planes however, are going to need some work. Check out the crazy video below. There is some NSFW language.

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