By Sarah Carroll

No matter what happens tonight, about 50% of the country is going to be very disappointed with the results of the election.

But what’s one thing that unites most of America? A cold beer!

So, while you’re glued to the television watching the 24/7 news coverage, we’ve found a little drinking game to spice up the evening.

The great people over at Screener have suggested the following rules…

Take a sip:

  • When the candidate you didn’t vote for wins a state.
  • Every time CNN uses the Magic Map wall.
  • Any time a commentator uses a sports metaphor to talk about the election.
  • Every time Wolf Blitzer says some variation of “we’re watching this closely.”

Take a large swig:

  • If a network prematurely calls a race for one candidate and then has to retract their results.
  • If Fox News’ Megyn Kelly is forced to interact on live TV with Newt Gingrich.

Finish your drink:

  • If any news channel uses a hologram. No shade to Tupac and CNN, but was that really necessary?!
  • If Donald Trump loses the election and refuses to concede. #rigged

Click HERE to check out the full list of rules!


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