Let’s travel back in time to an age where the hit shows were either on CBS, ABC or NBC, snow could even happen in Florida (at least on your TV when the rabbit ears gave out), and Thanksgiving-oriented sitcom episodes were actually funny! It’s our Top 10 Classic Sitcom Thanksgivings!

10. Friends

Joey introduces a new style known as “Thanksgiving pants.”

9. Happy Days

The 50’s hit the 70’s and then traveled back in time a couple of centuries Master Fonzie and the gang at Arnold’s.

8. Everybody Loves Raymond

Having Tofurkey, or “Tofu Turkey” doesn’t go over too well.

7. Will & Grace

Karen gets herself into some trouble with a 16-year-old.

6. Roseanne

Uncomfortable family get-togethers have nothing on the Connor crew as they gather for Thanksgiving.

5. All In The Family

Leave it to Archie and Meathead to turn Thanksgiving into a debate on religion.

4. Mad About You

Paul and Jamie come up with inventive ways to spruce up the Thanksgiving holiday.

3. Cheers

Diane provides Thanksgiving dining etiquette for the denizens of the bar, as they leave the Cheers set and head to Carla’s for dinner.

2. The Brady Bunch

Greg Brady, amateur filmmaker, casts his entire family (and a bearded Alice) to recreate the original Thanksgiving.

1. WKRP In Cincinatti

There’s no doubt that WKRP’s charitable “Turkey Drop” should top the list of 10 Classic Sitcom Thanksgivings.


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