WATCH: Residents Find Snake In Their Toilet

By Sarah Carroll

We thought snakes on a plane were bad, but a snake in your own toilet?!? That’s what nightmares are made of!

An 8-foot-long poisonous snouted cobra was spotted in the bathroom of an apartment building in South Africa.

Snake catcher Barry Greenshields was called in to handle the situation, but he was unsuccessful and the reptile somehow managed to slither back down the toilet!

The cobra hasn’t been seen since the incident, but obviously residents are still terrified. Some have considered pouring boiling water and acid down their pipes.

“We have put cameras in the pipes to look for it. Residents are still worried and some of them are feeling like if it comes up they want to kill it, which is something I don’t want. I hope he has left through the pipes,” Greenshields told News 24.

Watch the terrifying footage below:

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