Man Takes Mugshot With Pet Bird

By Carlos Delgado

On Thursday, December 1st, Washington County, Oregon resident Craig Buckner appeared in court not thinking he would end up behind bars. He was so confident, in fact, that he brought his 4 year-old macaw with him to the courthouse and left the bird in a tree while he appeared before a judge. Buckner, however, had violated terms in regards to multiple misdemeanor theft cases and was indeed jailed that day, according to

So what happened to his bird, you ask?

Well the macaw, creatively named “Bird,” was very well trained and would not leave the tree for anyone other than Buckner, so authorities were forced to call him out to retrieve Bird from the tree.

Sheriff Deputies then allowed Bucker to take his mugshot with Bird, resulting in probably the coolest booking photo we’ve ever seen.

Buckner was able to find a caretaker for Bird while he’s behind bars.

Additional source: Washington County Sheriff’s Office Press release.


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