Just Roll With It: Nordstrom Sells $85 Leather-Wrapped Stone

If you’re stumped on what to buy that person in your life who’s impossible to shop for each holiday season, don’t fret. Nordstrom has your back this year, but for a questionable price tag.

The department store is currently selling a “medium leather wrapped stone” from Los Angeles-based Made Solid  listed for sale as for a mere $85. If the tag seems a bit hefty, you can pick up a smaller version for $20 less.

The item is exactly what it sounds like — a smooth stone that sits comfortably inside of a handmade leather pouch, which is designed by Made Solid’s artist, Peter Maxwell.

The advertisement sparked controversy among online Tuesday over whether the product was a hoax.

“We don’t define a purpose for them, as they’re pretty cool as display objects/accents,” explained Maxwell. “However, an obvious use is a paperweight. We do some large ones that are often used as door stops.”

“As for the price, if we only focus on the rock, then of course it makes no sense,” he added. “It’s about the leather and technique, the artistic sensibility as well.”

Made Solid has been selling wrapped stones since 2014.


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