Video: Ventura And Other Calif. Cities Rush To Ban Pot Businesses

California voters just legalized marijuana, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to buy it in every city or town in the state.  Many cities are rushing to ban pot businesses which they are allowed to do.

There was a heated debate Monday night as the City of Ventura considered a temporary, emergency ban on marijuana businesses.

“I can’t even believe you are even considering voting on a moratorium and circumventing the will of the people.” a Ventura citizen said in the meeting.

The City of Ventura would join a long list of other California cities from the Bay Area to the Mexican Border that have banned or are studying bans on the growing or selling of marijuana. Many are doing it as a direct result of Prop 64.

But in the end, the council voted unanimously 7-0 to impose a 45-day moratorium.


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