No Puking! Uber Sets Down More Rules For Using Ridesharing Service

Amir Farman is a little tired of people throwing up in his car.

As an Uber driver, Farman has seen plenty.

“Just sometimes, I’ve had drunk people. Two or three times, they’ve thrown up in my car,” Farman said.

Now, if drunk passengers vomit in his car, they could be banned from using Uber. It’s in the new rules put in place by Uber to protect drivers and riders. How new? Farman wasn’t aware of them.

Some drivers did know about the new rules. Others didn’t. Riders? None knew.

So we went with Uber riders over some “ground rules” that got our attention.

Among other things, don’t touch or flirt with other people.

No sexual contact between drivers and riders.

No vomiting due to excessive alcohol consumption.

Don’t hit or hurt anyone.

No threats or improper comments or gestures.

Uber says reason for the rules is safety for everyone.

“I just think its reasonable,” Uber rider Jean Sung said.

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