New Incubus Album ‘Is Not Mellow’ Says Mike Einziger

By Staff

It’s been five years since Incubus released their last album, If Not Now, When? It’s the longest span the band has gone between full-length albums. But with new tweets posted today, new tunes appear to be on the horizon. It’s no secret that Incubus has been in the studio since late last year cooking up new jams, but what the Malibu band wouldn’t say is when this new album would see the light of day.

Well, according to Mike Einziger, they’re close, very close. The guitarist posted two messages today, both indicating the album release is immanent.

“Are you guys ready!!?!?!????? #newINCUBUSalbum coming soooooooon. Mwah-hah-hah-hah,” he posted.

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And what’s more, he says “This new album is not mellow.”

Time will only tell if Einziger is foreshadowing the album’s heavy guitar work or influences by Skrillex, with whom he shared some comical and rather cozy moments with recently. By tagging both Skrillex and Incubus in the Tesla tweet below, is he indicating the former metal frontman and modern day dance impresario assisted on the new album? Fess up boys, it’s time to come clean.



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