Weezer to Release ‘Feels Like Summer’ Friday

By Radio.com Staff

Weezer will release a new song this Friday morning titled, “Feels Like Summer.” The band released a teaser today giving fans just enough to whet their appetite.

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“Feels Like Summer” will be their first new music since 2016’s GRAMMY Award-winning self-titled full-length known more affectionately as the White album.

What’s known about the new album? “I think it’s going to maybe be like Beach Boys gone bad,” Rivers Cuomo told NME last year. “I’m thinking of swearing, which is something I’ve never done in songs.” If the last album was white, the new one sounds like it’s leaning black. “If it were a movie in the United States it would be rated R instead of PG.”

No word yet on a release date for their upcoming eleventh album.

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