56-Year-Old Man Offers Free Coachella VIP Pass in Exchange for Hair Brushing, "Extended Eye Contact" + MoreWhat would YOU do for a free VIP trip to Coachella?
Missed Connection Monday: "I Was The Creepy Guy. Ringing Any Bells?"
Would You Buy Kurt Cobain's Old Skis Off Craigslist?For a low, low price, you could be the proud owner of a telephone, video game and pair of skis that Cobain once owned. The skis don't have poles, but like the guys says, these are a lot cooler than your average pair of skis.
Kurt Cobain's Old Roomate Selling Deceased Singer's Random Stuff From The '90s
Cleveland Browns Quarterback Position Listed On Craigslist
Creepy Craigslist: Batmobile for only $1 Million
Creepy Craigslist: Ikea Dresser With Ferrets Included
Creepy Craigslist: Baby Momma To Get "Pregnet"
Creepy Craigslist: Rental Comes With Half-Dead Pets
Things You Should Not Spend $1000 On - Taxidermied Hamsters
Things You Should Not Spend $1000 on - Strange Craigslist Items
Creepy Craigslist: Lightly Used Time Machine For Sale

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