A Pirate & A Woman of Nobility Break JACK FMRemember that one time that a pirate and a woman of nobility from Renaissance Pleasure Faire demanded to take over JACK FM, and we let them?
Jack FM's Baked Off: Dr. Cranfill & Mike Crank McFrankenstein Everything On The McDonalds Breakfast Menu
What Area Code Does Dr. Cranfill Rep In Area Code Wars? [Video]
Dr. Cranfill's Fantasy Football Forecast Week 14
Dr. Cranfill's Fantasy Football Forecast Week 11
Dr. Cranfill's Week 10 Fantasy Football Forecast
Dr. Cranfill's Fantasy Football Forecast Week 8Now you do HAVE to play Mega Millions on Friday. Just think, what if it actually happened? What you don't have to do is listen to Dr. Cranfill as he gives out Fantasy Football advice.
Dr. Cranfill's Fantasy Football Forecast Week 7He calls himself Dr. Cranfill, but trust us, he has no idea how to cure Ebola, and he has no idea what he's doing in Fantasy Football. But that doesn't stop Cranny from giving out advice...
4 Best Bet JACK-tivities for this Weekend
Dr. Cranfill's Week 6 Fantasy Football Guide
4 Best Bet JACK-Tivities for the Weekend
Dr. Cranfill's Week 5 Fantasy Football GuideHave no idea what you're doing in Fantasy Football? Neither does Dr. Cranfill, but that doesn't stop him from trying to give out advice...

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