Remembering The Time Dr. Cranfill Was Killed On Friday The 13thNearly two years ago on Friday the 13th, Dr. Cranfill met his demise... and was promptly replaced
Five Unusual Facts You Should Know About Friday The 13thWhether you believe in the superstitious day or not, there are a few unusual facts about the unlucky day that might surprise you!
It's Friday The 13th At JACK FM, Which Means Dr. Cranfill Might DieIt's Friday the 13th, which means there's a very good chance Jack FM's very own Dr. Cranfill will perish. One can only hope...
Best Horror Films To Watch In The Dark On Friday The 13th
Full Moon & Friday the 13th--5 Reasons Why Today Is #FreakyFriday
5 Superstitious Songs For Friday The 13th
Top 5 Freaky Friday The 13th Facts
[Friday The 13th] The Ghost Gotcha Prank To End All Ghost Gotcha Pranks

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