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Los Angeles Restaurant Owner Will Get Unicorn Tattoo With Your Face In Order To Save His Balls
5 Super Los Angeles Campaigns Currently On Kickstarter
Potato Salad Rookie Raises Over $41,589 on Kickstarter
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Groovin'! Little Steven Van Zandt's Rascals Musical Hits $100,000In September, E Street Band guitarist Little Steven Van Zandt started a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the upcoming Rascals reunion shows at New York's Capitol Theatre in December. The goal was to raise $100,000. The campaign ends today, and the goal has been met... and then some; as of press time, over $123,000 has been raised.
“Like If ‘Jersey Boys’ Had The Four Seasons” – Little Steven Explains The Rascals “Once Upon A Dream”Van Zandt felt that simply reuniting the original members would be great, but he also wanted to tell the band’s tale. He told CBS Local, “People know the music. The Rascals had 18 hits in five years, three #1 singles, so people know ‘Groovin’,’ ‘People Got To Be Free,’ ‘Good Lovin’,’ ‘A Beautiful Morning,’ but do they really know the band? The answer is ‘no.’ I want to do their life story a little bit, and do it in a muti-media way to make it really entertaining.”
Proposed Robo Cop Statue in Detroit Goes Viral

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