'90s Banned Commercial Parody Is Dark Comedy Genius [Video]
Behind the Music: The Red Hot Chili Peppers Parody Song, 'Abracadabralifornia'A song mimicking the band's sound was mistaken for the real thing when it hit the internet this week, just days before the Chili Peppers play the Super Bowl with Bruno Mars.
Jimmy Fallon Does Hilarious 'Breaking Bad' Parody
Watch SNL Spoof 'Accidental Racist' With 'Brad Paisley' And 'LL Cool J'
Will The Real Mitt Romney Please Stand Up? (feat. Eminem) [Music Video]
Sh*t [Insert Funny Here] Says: The First Meme Of 2012
Jimmy Fallon, David Bowie, And Tim Tebow... Hello, Tebowie
Breaking Bad-Simpsons Mash Up, With Bart And Ned Flanders [VIDEO]
Angry Birds: The Movie, As Played By Beautiful Gun-Slinging Women
[JACKed Up Video] Shark Pool, The Movie About A Shark In A Pool
[Video] Seinfeld... THE GREAT
Remembering The King Of Parody Leslie Nielsen

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