Restaurant Offers Free Burgers For Life If You Get A Burger TattooWhat would you ink on your body in exchange for a lifetime supply?
Starbucks Is Now Allowing Employees To Have Tattoos
Man Stops Drinking For A Year To Set Simpsons Tattoos World Record
Weirdest Things We’d Want To Make With A 3D Printer
Man Stealing Lingerie Identified By Tattoo Of His Last Name
Girl Lets Her Boyfriend Tattoo His Name On Her Face... In Giant 5 Inch Letters
Meet The (Potential) Future President Of The Czech Republic
[PHOTOS] Tatted-Up At Jack's 7th Show, In The Strangest Of Places
[JACK's Tattoo Madness] Show Us Your Tats Part 2
[JACK's Tattoo Madness] Close Calls
Round 1 TATTOO MADNESS Voting Ends TODAY AT 5pm!!!!
Rock Stars You'd Trust Giving You A Tattoo

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