School Fakes Deaths Of Students To Teach A Lesson About Texting & DrivingDo you think the extreme safety drill was necessary?
WATCH: Sting & Jimmy Fallon Sing Text MessagesNot even Sting can make these awkward texts sound romantic!
You Might Be Reading This While Driving — And That’s Not Good; Distracted Drivers Are Increasing ProblemIt can be hard enough drive a car without being distracted, but that hasn’t stopped an increase in distracted driving — even with new laws and fines designed to nip it in the bud.
8 Annoying Kinds Of Text Messages People In Los Angeles Send
Los Angeles, You Might Be Able To Text 9-1-1 Soon
Straight White Dudes Texting Is Today's Best Tumblr
LAPD Cracking Down On Texting While Driving This Month
This Now Exists: BroApp, The App That Texts Your Girlfriend For You
Frampton Comes Alive: Singer Tweets About Texting Driver Who Hit HimThe 62-year-old rocker documented a car accident he was involved in yesterday (July 31) afternoon via his Twitter account.
Texting Man Almost Walks Into A Bear
Man Updates Facebook Riding Backwards On Motorcycle... Like A Boss
Green Day Red In The Face As Full Moon Hits Blue Sky

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