Most Annoying Types Of People At Airport Security Checkpoints

May 12, 2015 1:43 PM

(Photo by Natalie Behring/Getty Images)

(Photo by Natalie Behring/Getty Images)

When it comes to air travel, it seems that as the years pass, flying is increasingly becoming a huge hassle. Gone are the years when air travel was new and you would be greeted with a smile, complimentary food and drinks, and a seat that was larger than a newborn baby’s incubator. Today, we live in a world where flying is no longer something you look forward to. It’s something that will inevitably leave you exhausted when you’re done with the day. One notable frustration is the security checkpoint. Each time you fly, you are led through the whole song and dance of taking off your shoes and basically everything on you in order to make your flight. What makes it even more complicated are the many irritating people around you that seem to be doing everything in their power to make the experience that much harder. So, who are these people? We’ve come up with a list of the most annoying types of air travelers and TSA agents you’ll find in these lines.



1.) Oblivious To What’s Setting Off The Metal Detector Person

It seems simple enough, right? You’re instructed to take out anything in your pockets and either leave it in your bag, or put it in the bin, then walk through the metal detector and then get your stuff and be on your way. Easy, right? Apparently not for some. How many times have you been behind the person who goes in and out of the metal detector as it keeps beeping, but they can’t seem to figure out what is making the alarm go off? After 5 grueling minutes, they finally discover that they left the quarter in their pocket. It’s really not that hard.

2.) The Elderly

When you’re in a rush to get to your flight, there really is nothing worse than getting stuck behind an old person. What takes someone 2 minutes to do seems to take them forever. It’s time moving at a glacial pace…and its excruciating.

3.) Person Who Puts Everything Back On Right Outside The Metal Detector

We get it. It’s not fun taking off everything and feeling like you’re going to leave something behind, but there’s no excuse for putting yourself entirely back together before you leave the conveyer belt.

4.) Against The Scanning Machine Person

“Did you know these machines cause cancer?” They start by complaining to everyone in line with them about how the full body scans violate her rights and are unhealthy, and then go into a full fledged tirade with the TSA security officer. 10 minutes later you’re still standing in the same spot. You know, that spot where you just missed your flight because this woman wouldn’t just shut up and get on with it.


5.) TSA Precheck Guy

You’re not cool just because you paid a yearly fee and had to fill out a massive questionnaire online which allows you to now bypass everyone in line at whatever airport you’re at in the country. This person walks around with an air of arrogance and confidence that makes us all hate them. Ok, fine, we’ll admit it…we’re really just all jealous that you basically got to skip the line and we have to stand here for the next 45 min to an hour (or more).

6.) The TSA Agent Who Takes His/Her Job Way Too Seriously

Look, there’s no denying that the TSA provides a special utility for our country. Screening passengers for any weapons or whatever else they look for these days is something that keeps us all safe. But, there’s a fine line. Every once and a while you’ll get the TSA guard who just takes things a little too far. Asking you about your prescription is not helping to make our skies any safer. There’s no joking with this type of annoying person.

7.) The Water Bottle Person

While most veteran travelers (and even newbies) move through security checkpoints with little drama, this person knows the rules, but just thinks they’re special or conveniently forgets. How many times have you been in line waiting for 15 people ahead of you and there’s the one lady who ‘forgot’ that you can’t bring a liter of water through security? At this point, they’ve gone through the metal detector only to have the TSA guard stop the entire line so they can rerun the bag (and the person) sans water bottle.

8.) Too Much Stuff Guy

With two laptops, two phones, several bags of liquids, rings, necklaces, bracelets, a belt and more, this person basically just added another 5 minutes to your travel day when they should’ve been through the metal detector in about 5 seconds (literally). Sure, take your time. It’s not like there’s 300 people behind you.


9.) The Packed Way Too Many Liquids Person

With a truck load of liquids, this person should’ve just packed them in their carry on. Instead, they just took up 5 trays on the table and forgot to take out one small one still in their bag.

10.) The Lady Who Argues With TSA

It doesn’t matter that the last time you went through security they let you go through with your trial shampoo from your favorite hotel. It only matters what they’re telling you right now. You’re never going to win by arguing with the TSA agent. You’re just going to end up holding up the line even more and probably getting detained.

11.) The Late Traveler

With a plane leaving in exactly 5 minutes, this person gets to skip the line because they are irresponsible and didn’t plan accordingly. Because of this, those who have patiently waited and were responsible (ahem) have to watch as this person slips right past. On top of this, they also packed a bag full of items they need to remove and put in trays which just adds to the extra time you’ll have to wait.


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