Prevent Illegal Dumping: Free Mattress Collection Events in Los Angeles County

December 1, 2018

By Crystal Hessong

Illegal dumping concerns all people in L.A. County, which is why residents must band together to prevent inappropriate waste disposal. You can do your part by participating in one of the area's free mattress collection events. Get rid of those taking up space at one of these free collection events.

Many residents in Los Angeles County have a concern with Illegal Dumping.  Let’s band together to help prevent illegal dumping.  Residents can help by participating in one of the Mattress Collection Events.  For more information, please contact LA County Public Works.

Illegal Dumping Hurts Everyone

Illegal dumping around the County can taint the water supply. When it rains, the water pours over the illegally thrown waste, leaching pollutants from the waste and delivering them into the groundwater. Surface water becomes contaminated when dumpers throw their waste in lakes and rivers around the County. Additionally, land and water pollution can negatively affect native flora and fauna.

Illegal dumping pollutes the water supply.  When it rains, the water settles on the items, causing pollutants which seeps into the groundwater.  Surface water becomes contaminated when trash and debris is washed away in the water supply, such as rivers, lakes, etc. This ruins wildlife habitat and impacts plants.    

Not only does illegal dumping contribute to pollution, but it also negatively affects neighborhoods. Trash heaps, that result from dumping contribute to neighborhood blight, which lowers property values in the area. These heaps also create breeding spots for vermin like rats and cockroaches, which may carry diseases that can affect people and pets. When people report illegal dumping, the L.A. County Public Works Department must clean it up. The cost to taxpayers for these waste removals totals are in the millions.

Not only does illegal dumping contribute to pollution, it also negatively affects neighborhoods.  Trash and debris that result from dumping, contribute to blight, which lowers property values and create breeding sites for vermin such as rodents.  Many rodents carry diseases that can affect people and pets.  If you see Illegal Dumping, please call 888-CLEAN LA. To have it picked up.     

Disposal of Mattresses

Mattresses are large and aren't collected in normal trash pickup. Homeowners with leftover mattresses and box springs become responsible for getting these furnishings to a recycling facility or to the dump.

Because many people don’t realize that mattresses can be easily recycled at the right facilities, they are often thrown away. Sadly, in many cases, the mattresses get dumped in unincorporated areas of the County and other neighborhoods. That's why Los Angeles County Public Works, through Clean LA, offers the chance for residents to recycle their old mattresses. This program educates residents on where they can take their old mattresses while it fights illegal dumping.

Mattresses are not collected with the regular trash pickup. To rid old or unwanted mattresses, residents in Los Angeles County, can call 888-CLEANLA to find the nearest location to properly dispose of their mattress, free of charge.    

Upcoming Events

There are three upcoming chances to drop off your mattresses and box springs. You can bring up to 10 in total to each event. Click the link Mattress Recycling for further details. These events are only available to Antelope Valley residents. Mattresses and box springs will not be accepted from commercial trash haulers.

If you miss the events, check out for other recycling centers or collection sites.

How You Can Help

Illegal dumping hurts everyone. Be a part of the solution by recycling your mattresses and properly discarding of other waste. If you see illegal dumping, call 888CLEANLA or use the iPhone and Android app “The Works.” You can help fight illegal dumping and make Los Angeles County a better place to live.

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