Jason Momoa Got Body-Shamed for 'Dad Bod' Because of This Photo

July 10, 2019

You’ve never seen a dad bod like this... Jason Momoa was caught on camera during a vacation to Venice with his family, and the Internet is coming for him with the body shaming comments.

Us Weekly took to Instagram with a pic of Momoa minding his own business, but commenters on the post couldn’t help but point out the lack of Aquaman in the photo. Many are taking the time out of their days to point out his “dad bod.”

So what does this so-called “dad bod” Momoa look like, you ask? Feast your eyes on a less-fit-but-still-athletic-looking former Aquaman:

It’s not like any dad bod most people have ever seen, that’s for sure. But the comments kept flowing in with people wondering if he’s been drinking too much beer, and one user writing, “Omg, what happened to the abs?”

Luckily, as the hateful, body shaming comments flowed in, so did the Jason Momoa stans who wouldn’t allow the rude comments to overwhelm.

“He can whip that bod into shape whenever he NEEDS to!,” one user writes. Others chime in with comments making the distinction between “dad bod” and “daddy” – there’s a difference.

Even more are just dumbfounded with shock over the claims that this photo, in any way, depicts a "dad bod" as they know it. “I don’t know what is wrong with people’s minds, but everyone has gone crazy. Jason Momoa is still the hottest guy on earth,” one comment reads.