Mick Jagger

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Happy Birthday, Mick Jagger! Watch 5 of His Wildest Videos

July 26, 2018

By Scott T. Sterling

July 26, 2018 (that would be today for those not paying attention) is Mick Jagger’s birthday.

The Rolling Stones singer turns 75 this year, but who’s counting? With a legend of Jagger’s magnitude, just the fact that he’s still alive and kicking ass on tour around the world—not to mention downright embarrassing famous frontmen more than half his age with his onstage energy—merits nothing but celebration.

In honor of 75 years of Jagger, here’s a short list of his most amazing video performances. Sure, we could’ve gone with the same old tried and true hit parade of “Satisfaction,” “Sympathy for the Devil,” etc. Instead, this is a collection of some of Jagger’s truly wildest moments captured in the name of making music video. Few rockers can command a camera the way that Jagger seems to do so effortlessly—even when the video is patently absurd (his 1985 cover of Martha and the Vandellas’ “Dancing’ in the Street” with David Bowie, I’m looking at you).

Happy Birthday, Mick Jagger! Here’s to 75 more of them. At least.

The Rolling Stones, “Start Me Up” (1981)

Originally recorded in 1978 for the Some Girls sessions, this popular Stones single went through several iterations before the band knocked it into the fan favorite that we know and love today. The promo clip for the song is an instant classic, featuring Jagger just being Jagger. It’s an endless barrage of the signature dance moves and facial contortions that have been spoofed and parodied for years, all wrapped up into this singular performance.

Mick Jagger & David Bowie, “Dancing in the Streets” (1985)

This dynamic duo of rock legends was inspired by a most noble cause: to help raise money for famine relief in connection with the famous Live Aid moment of 1985. The song was smash hit, topping the U.K. charts and peaking at No. 7 on the Billboard Hot 100. The music video simply featured the pair romping around the London Docklands and mugging heavily for the cameras. The video’s gleeful absurdity is highlighted in this “silent” version of the clip, which takes out the music and adds minimal sound effects. Much hilarity ensues.

The Rolling Stones, “Undercover of the Night” (1983)

The Stones went political in a very big way with this hard-hitting single that tackles political corruption in South and Central America. For the seriously violent music video, Jagger gets to do some acting, taking on the role of a detective helping a woman track down her kidnapped boyfriend, also played by Jagger. The Julian Temple-directed clip generated headlines when MTV deemed it to violent to show on the network’s airwaves, forcing the Stones to created an edited version that was only shown after 9PM.

Peter Tosh & Mick Jagger, “Walk and Don’t Look Back” (1978)

Originally a Temptations 1965 b-side to “My Girl” that went on to become a hit in its own right, “Walk and Don’t Look Back” was given new life by reggae legend Peter Tosh in 1978, featuring Jagger on co-lead vocals. Found on Tosh’s Bush Doctor album, the smooth, melodic tune was given a significant hit when Jagger made a surprise appearance to perform it with Tosh on Saturday Night Live that year. Jagger’s cameo in the music video is just as memorable, with the Stones frontman making his presence known in a massive necktie, short cropped hair and inimitable dance moves.

Mick Jagger, “Just Another Night” (1985)

Mick really Jagger’s it up in this video for the first single from his 1985 solo debut. Directed by Julien Temple and co-starring actress Rae Dawn Chong, who looks to be competing with Jagger to see who can wear the most makeup (spoiler alert: Jagger wins easily). “Just Another Night” finds the single going full ham with poofed-up ‘80s hair and a glittery sequined jacket as he hops onstage at a club, straps on a guitar and rocks out. Rae Dawn Chong looks on in rapturous delight and starts a dance party. And what is going on with Jagger’s pants?! The clip ends on a cool note, with the Stones singer hopping off the back of a double-decker bus, presumably heading home the morning after the video’s revelry.