Is This Optical Illusion 2019's "The Dress"?

This Trippy Optical Illusion Has Us Mesmerized

December 17, 2019
Optical Illusion

This bizzare optical illusion has been named "The Best Optical Illusion of the Year" by the non-profit scientific research organization, Neural Correlate Society.

The design that topped the list of ten finalists is called a Dual Axis - its illusion occurs because the viewer can see multiple directions that the shape itself rotates, when keeping an eye on the axis points.

So we ask, is this illusion 2019's "the dress"?

Or the "laurel or yanny" of the year?

Which way do you see the shape rotating: clockwise, counterclockwise, or up or down?

You can check out the rest of the finalists for this year's optical illusion contest on Neural Correlate Society's website!