There's An App That Locks Kids' Phones Until They Respond to Their Parents

January 7, 2019

Nick Herbert created the perfect app for parents who are constantly waiting for their children to text them back.

The ReplyASAP app locks users' phones until they respond to the text. "This is an ideal app when you need to make sure someone gets an important message at the time they need to see it. Once you connect to another person who has the app, you will have peace of mind that messages you send them will appear over whatever they are doing and sound the alarm on their phone, even when their phone is on silent," says the app's Google Play description.

Aside from parents trying to reach teens, the app can also be used in a number of different ways:

  • contact with elderly family members
  • setting reminders for future events with friends
  • contacting work colleagues in the event of an incident that requires urgent attention
  • letting people know you have safely arrived at your destination
  • letting people know you need assistance

The ReplyASAP app is currently only available for Android devices via Google Play