Blink-182 Plan to Play ‘Enema Of The State’ In Full at Back To The Beach

12 tracks of pure musical genius

March 20, 2019

Blink-182 is just around the corner from the 20th anniversary of one of the most iconic pop-punk albums ever. With Enema Of The State celebrating two decades of jams since its June 1, 1999 release, the band is discussing ways to give it the respect it deserves.

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In a Tweet shared last night (March 19), Mark Hoppus revealed they’re planning on playing the album in its entirety at Travis Barker and John Feldmann's Back To The Beach Festival. That means fans attending the Huntington State Beach show in late April will hear everything from “What’s My Age Again?” to extreme rarities.

According to, “Anthem” has only been performed live twice in their entire careers while “Party Song” clocks in at just 10 live performances. Tickets to catch the likely once-in-a-lifetime set during the April 27th & 28th Back To The Beach festival are available here. Other acts include The UsedGoldfingerThe Story So Far, & Reel Big Fish

While he continues to confirm the original lineup has no plans of reuniniting for the anniversary, Hoppus also teased upcoming summer dates that include possible new Blink shows along with more dates from side project Simple Creatures.