The 'Why' Behind Addiction: Chemical Imbalance

By Jessica Wasik

May 22, 2018

With its unique holistic treatment approach, Passages Malibu is unlike any other rehab center in the world. Its combination of extravagant amenities and personalized treatment programs work together to create an atmosphere of compassion, commitment and hope. Operating under its extensive research that has shown addition is not a disease, but rather a result of one of four main causes, this world-class luxury facility has developed unrivaled therapy programs and activities rooted in holistic care and innovation to become a worldwide leader in treating addiction stemming from these key causes.

Treating Chemical Imbalances

All Passages Malibu clients have access to its unparalleled number of various treatment approaches as a major role in eliminating your dependency to drugs and addiction to alcohol, many of which are geared toward correcting chemical imbalances within the brain. Among the most targeted for this cause is blood chemistry analysis that includes a comprehensive urine and blood analysis that detects any deficiencies and imbalances in your body. Everything from low B vitamin and magnesium levels to heightened toxicity levels caused by the accumulation of heavy metals can be contributing factors. This treatment also examines the liver, thyroid and kidneys in addition to blood count and lipid panels to ensure any other imbalances connected to hormones. If found, Passages Malibu uses supplements to fix these disparities that lead to continued drug and alcohol abuse.

Coupled with blood chemistry analysis, one-on-one chemical dependency counseling has proven successful in correcting these chemical imbalances. Through private, personalized sessions, clients are able to identify beliefs that result in their desire to abuse substances as they work toward the ultimate goal of sobriety. Each Passage Malibu client is assigned a chemical dependency counselor who guides you through underlying problems related to your drug or alcohol abuse, including depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, unresolved childhood trauma, anxiety and poor self-esteem.

A Cure for Chemical Imbalance

Despite the extensive challenges that go hand-in-hand with treating chemical imbalances alongside addiction, it can be accomplished through customized treatment methods. One-on-one therapy and counseling, like those offered at Passages Malibu, have been shown to be particularly effective in successfully correcting these inequalities within the mind and body to allow individuals to achieve their goal of an addiction-free life.


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